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aerial shot of Turkish city

Counter-Trafficking Policy and Immigration Rights in Turkey

Dr. Stephanie Nawyn received a Fulbright Fellowship (2013-14) to study sex trafficking in and through Turkey, focusing on the discursive positioning of women and sexual purity in Turkish culture, and how sexual mores are used to justify interpersonal and state violence against women. Read the full study here.

Related Publications
  • Nawyn, Stephanie J., Nur Banu Kavakli Birdal, Tuba Demerci, and Vanja Pantic Oflazoğlu. “Human Trafficking and Migration Management in the Global South.” International Journal of Sociology, 46:189-204.
  • Stephanie J. Nawyn, Nur Banu Kavakli Birdal & Naomi Glogower (2013) Estimating the Extent of Sex Trafficking, International Journal of Sociology, 43:3, 55-71, DOI: 10.2753/IJS0020-7659430303

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