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Immigration Law Clinic

The Immigration Law Clinic engages law students with immigrant communities through direct client representation and systemic advocacy for vulnerable populations that are otherwise unable to obtain legal representation. Immigration matters are compelling and engage students in sophisticated legal analysis and advocacy, unparalleled procedural complexities and rich client interactions. The clinic is purposefully diverse, exposing students to the broad reach of immigration law into a vast array of legal systems and social institutions. Immigration law presents unparalleled complexities and rich client interactions. In problem solving with their clients, students are challenged to integrate demanding legal analysis with sophisticated community advocacy. Immigration Law Clinic Director Veronica Thronson brings years of expertise in gender-based violence to the clinic, including her position as Vice-Chair of the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence, where she was a board member from 2005 to 2009. Currently, she is a board member of the Michigan Committee for Refugee Resettlement and serves on the Domestic Violence Committee of the State Bar of Michigan.
For more information about MSU’s Immigration Law Clinic, go to:
Additional faculty: David Thronson

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