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Linking Gender, Equality and Economic Sustainability for Community Advancement

PI: Agbényiga, D.L.
The Strengthening Leadership Capacity and Professional Skills:  A Women’s Economic Empowerment Program – A Tanzania, South Africa and U.S. partnership is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State–Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.  The program includes a partnership between Michigan State University, the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa).  The program’s aim is to promote mutual understanding and partnerships among key organizations and institutions in the partner countries.

The program was designed to support women from Tanzanian and South African (N=28) develop their leadership capacity and professional skills through a four-week program in Michigan and Washington, DC.  During the program, Fellows examined the roles of institutions in the U.S. devoted to economic development, community engagement, and gender equity. Fellows were also provided examples of leadership firsthand through internships and dialogue in seminars and meetings led by U.S. leaders in these fields.  Themes and issues covered during the program included best practices, leadership skills, ethical standards, program development and evaluation, and empowerment in relevant areas such as community development, public health, employment services, counseling, economic stability, gender-based violence prevention and advocacy.  A significant goal of this program is to establish a long-term partnership among representatives from private sector, community, governmental and non-governmental, and education organizations from all three countries to combat factors interfering with women’s economic stability and gender equality and their intersection with gender-based violence throughout their respective communities.
Agbényiga, D.L. (PI), Glew, R., & Ferguson, A. Connecting the Linkages between Gender, Equality and Economic Sustainability for Community Advancement and Capacity Building: A Women’s Economic Empowerment Program, a partnership among South
Africa, Tanzania and the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural
Affairs, Office of Citizen Exchanges. $450,000. 2012-2014.